"Divina Insidia - The Divine Trap"

Feature Film in Development

Based on the Novel
“Divina Insidia – The Divine Trap” by Pascal Roussel
Publisher: DVUB - Deutsche Verlagsunion Berlin GmbH (April 30, 2012)
Languages: English, German, French

“If you want to find the Light, follow the money.
But be aware that this light shines differently than you
might expect...”

“It’s easy to deviate when following a path that is broader
than your horizon.
That’s the path of the Mammon...”


When journalist Anne is hired to write a book about a mysterious and incredibly rich old man, she suddenly finds herself caught in a world of secret societies and dynastic families whose wealth and political power are far beyond her imagination. The price she has to pay is high: her brother is killed and her son kidnapped. To save her son and to reveal the truth, Anne must tear away a curtain hiding a blood curdling secret.

“Divina Insidia – The Divine Trap” is a superbly entertaining reality thriller that will keep you breathless with its disconcerting view of the world of money and global power in the hands of a few, challenged by the courage and emotional strength of its heroine.


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